Shadowverse vs. Hearthstone: Pros and Cons

Shadowverse and Hearthstone are two versions of the same game; if you like one, then you will probably enjoy the other. So which should you play? Below I summarize the main differences between Shadowverse and Hearthstone, with an emphasis on the quantitative pros and cons. As a reference, I have casually played Hearthstone since August 2014 (where I once reached rank 3) and Shadowverse since December 2016 (where I am currently [...]

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Concede Efficiently in Shadowverse or Hearthstone

Imagine that you know, without a doubt, that you are going to lose a multiplayer game of Shadowverse or Hearthstone---you should concede immediately. Assuming your win rate exceeds 50%, continuing only takes away from your total play time, and slows your climb up the ranks. OK cool---this is just common sense, albeit slightly against human nature. But what about a more realistic scenario: after 5 minutes of play you believe you have a 10% chance of [...]

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