My collaborators and I like to talk about our work! Here are some videos of the talks I have given, as well as other places where my work has been featured. These talks are meant to be accessible to a larger audience, and should help readers better understand the projects I have worked on.

Learning Robot Objectives from Physical Human Interaction (BAIR Blogs) 2018:

Andrea Bajcsy wrote up a great blog post summarizing our work on how robots should learn from human corrections. Check out the original post here!

Helping Hands Guide Robots as They Learn (Rice News) 2017:

Prof. O’Malley and I discuss our recent IEEE Transactions on Robotics journal paper (PDF). Check out the original article here! Copies were reprinted by ScienceDaily and Futurity, which might be easier to find.

Talks: O'Malley and Losey

Presentation at the Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL) 2017:

Andrea Bajcsy and I explain how robots can learn from physical human-robot interaction. See the paper we were presenting here.

What Is a Robot? (HardWIRED) 2017:

Prof. Anca Dragan explains her definition of “robot,” and uses our work on robot learning from physical interactions to illustrate her point! Our work is shown between 1:35 and 2:30 of the video here.

talks: WIRED